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Skinny Louisiana
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Crawfish bisque, jambalaya, and seafood pasta - these are the Louisiana dishes we love, and they're packed with the flavors we crave. Yet so often, these are the very foods we avoid because of the dreaded f word: fat. Award-winning culinary dietitian and the Queen of Healthy Cajun Cuisine Shelly Marie Redmond wants you to forget the myth that because it tastes great, it can't be good for you. Enter...


Built around the cornerstone of a well-stocked pantry, the recipes in Skinny Louisiana... in the Kitchen marry the authentic and delicious flavors of Louisiana cooking with principles of healthy eating.

Skinny Louisiana... in the Kitchen contains:
  • A list of pantry essentials offering substitutes for ingredients high in calories (such as Greek yogurt instead of butter).
  • A shopping guide that helps you to plan a successful and efficient trip to YOUR local grocery store.
  • 80 recipes such as Spectacular Skinny Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms, Sizzling Sweet-Potato Fries, Mardi Gras Mambo Cajun Rice Dressing, and Skinny Louisiana Cajun Chicken Pasta let you celebrate the best of Louisiana's eats without compromising your health.

Shelly has helped clients lose between 4-10 pounds in their first month of working together with her simple, easy, pantry-friendly approach to eating and cooking.

About the Author
Skinny Louisiana

Shelly Marie Redmond is a registered dietitian, TV personality, and the author of two books - 'Skinny Louisiana... In the Kitchen' and 'Eat Well and Be Fabulous: A Guide for the Modern Day Woman'.

She is a partner in Eberhardt Physical Therapy in Shreveport, LA where she currently counsels patients on meal planning, weight loss, diabetes, family nutrition, and wellness. Shelly is the bi-monthly 'Healthy Eating Expert' on both KTAL News 6, an NBC Affiliate Station and Fox 33 Good Day.

Shelly is a highly sought after media source for trusted nutrition and lifestyle information. After her successful stint as a media spokesperson for the Louisiana Dietetic Association, she was appointed to the Team Leader position for the Media Team of the Louisiana Dietetic Association. For 2 years, Shelly was the recognized nutrition expert on Shreveport's CBS-affiliate station KSLA News 12 weekly health segment 'Food in Five'.

Shelly combines fun and tasty foods all with a 'skinny' twist. You will find her embracing her Cajun roots in her kitchen while preparing simple and tasteful Louisiana style dishes in her kitchen.

What Experts Say

Shelly's energy is contagious! She possesses a wealth of knowledge that she's able to convey to viewers professionally and passionately. Each time Shelly joined us we knew we were getting a well thought, creative segment. In morning news, that's invaluable.

- Dan Jovic NBC 6 News Anchor & 2-Time Emmy Award Winner

Shelly Marie Redmond has mastered how to utilize all of the incredible foods available in Louisiana to produce easy, delicious and healthy dishes both locals and visitors will love to prepare for themselves and their families. This is a MUST for anyone who wants to keep a piece of Louisiana in their kitchen!

- Kate Geagan, MS, RDN America's Green Nutritionist
Blogger, Doctor Oz Show, Author,
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